Gay Surrogacy and Its Legality <br>and Regulations in Different Countries

Gay Surrogacy and Its Legality
and Regulations in Different Countries

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Is gay men surrogacy legal in your country? Below is a quick list of countries that condone female or male same-sex couples surrogacies.

  • USA
  • Colombia – they do not have specific laws regarding gay surrogacy but have many laws in place in favour of LGBT rights. These are also the laws, which allow WCOB to operate in Colombia effectively to help LGBT couples.
  • Canada (except in Quebec)
  • Greece (only lesbians)
  • Cyprus (without legal protections)
  • Kenya
  • Mexico – there are no federal laws prohibiting same-sex couples surrogacy in Mexico. WCOB is present in Mexico, where we can aid potential couples to the best of our ability without being limited by federal laws.
  • Gay Surrogacy and Its Legality <br>and Regulations in Different Countries

    Surrogacy for Gay Couples

    Unfortunately, commercial surrogacy for a gay couple continues to hit a wall in many countries. As history suggests, countries that are more conservative remain more resistant to lifting certain bans and regulations. Luckily, Mexico and Colombia provide many opportunities for men to pursue surrogacy without limited restrictions.

    Surrogacy for Gay Parents

    Without proper research and knowledge of the ins and outs of the law in each country, LGBT couples can easily get tangled up in the law without the help of an agency. LGBT surrogacy is often illegal and even dangerous abroad, but an agency can reduce the risk.

    An agency can help minimize legal issues and risks by providing legal security and medical support every step of the way until the delivery of the baby and other advantages such as no wait policy for donors and surrogates, accommodation if required, and a personal coordinator ready to assist you.

    LGBT Surrogacy

    WCOB provides affordable surrogacy programs with transparent prices without surprise costs. We offer a professional coordinator well-versed in the legal nuances to fully support you every step of the way from confirmation to exit. This will ease the minds of potential dads and parents.
    It is our pride at WCOB to minimize the wait time for becoming potential parents. The wait can be long and arduous, but with us, we have the perfect match, waiting for you. Our team members are easily reachable via email and will get back to you with clear answers to every question you may have.



    How surrogates are chosen?

    Our surrogates are all healthy and strong young women ready to unite families together by helping same-sex couples to become the dad or mother they’ve always wanted to be.
    Surrogate mothers undergo a variety of medical and psychological assessment at IVF clinics before and throughout the pregnancy.

    A surrogate mother must have at least one child of her own with successful pregnancies
    Surrogates are typically between 21 and 37 years old
    They undertake a series of medical steps, including infectious diseases and uterine receptivity.

    What is your payment plan?

    We do not require couples to pay the full amount upfront. The payment can be split into four stages from when you sign a contract, to 12 weeks into the pregnancy, then again at 26 weeks, then the last instalment comes after the delivery of the baby.

    Is everything safe and legal?

    World Center of Baby surrogacy for gay couples guarantees the process is 100% safe and legal. You will have a dedicated personal coordinator at your service to take care of all the finer details and to provide support with every step of the way.

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