Surrogacy Process in Colombia

Surrogacy Process in Colombia

Surrogacy in Colombia is available to everyone, offering a unique alternative for same-sex couples and singles looking for a more affordable option

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How Surrogacy Works in Colombia

The act of the surrogacy process is not explicitly explained in the Constitution of Colombia. However, it does recognize all forms of procreation, including assisted reproductive, which makes surrogacy process acceptable. There is legal precedent upholding surrogate contracts and arrangements through a Constitutional Court ruling in Colombia.

The Colombian Civil Code has a system in place for recognizing the genetic parents of a child born through the surrogacy process. Meaning, same-sex couples and international parties have the same rights.

Surrogacy Process in Colombia

The requirement of legal representation in Colombia

Legal representation is crucial. It helps evaluate the legal procedures from signing the contract with the surrogate to obtaining the birth certificate of the baby.

This includes:

  • Pre-requisites for legitimacy and acceptance in the surrogacy program, for instance, proof of non-criminal background
  • Representation on the Birth Certificate
  • Determining the citizenship of the child born via surrogacy

Surrogacy Colombia Process

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the most common procedure which involves the direct genetic linkage between the child and the intended parents.
Our guarantee programs are designed to make the surrogacy costs transparent because they include unlimited IVF attempts, unlimited egg donations and embryo transfers up until a successful birth. Intended parents have to understand that additional costs may arise during the surrogacy process which includes the following:

  • Transport and accommodation for intended parents
  • Shipping costs of biomaterial (sperm/eggs/embryos)
  • Legal assistance in your own country
  • Additional legal support fees in Colombia may occur (depending on nationality and exit process)

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